[ICICI Card Activation] Activate ICICI Credit Card

Having any difficulty to ICICI Card Activation? I agree with you But, you don’t need to worry. As you already found a solution by visiting this post. ICICI bank is one of the largest Indian private banks. ICICI Bank providing financial services and retail banking products to their million number of customers. It is very easy and simple to activate an ICICI credit card with us. Here, we are providing step by step instructions to activate your ICICI credit card. Please read the complete post and follow below steps. 

If you recently get a new ICICI credit card then the user should activate it in order to get a lot of benefits. The user can do payments securely and easy & purchasing items quick. ICICI bank also offers other opportunities like free cash back offers, reliable transfer, secure payment and etc.

Note: The user must have Bank ID and Passcode to verify card and please keep your ICICI Credit Card and PIN number in handy while activating it by calling in customer care or an online.

Requirements to Activate ICICI Credit Card

  • Credit Card
  • Card number
  • Name appear on the credit card
  • PIN number
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Bank ID
  • Passcode
  • Security Code
  • Card Valid From Date
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Personal Information including date of birth, Phone number, the Email address which is associated with a bank account.  

Methods to Activate ICICI Credit Card

Here, there are mainly two methods which can help you to activate your ICICI Credit card. The User can activate ICICI card either online or by a phone call. Here, We assure you that you can activate your card within less than 10 minutes with us if you follow the complete below instructions.

Activate ICICI Credit Card

Activate ICICI Credit Card online 

The user can activate ICICI credit card by visiting an official site. ICICI bank provides a different type of credit cards for different use like shopping, movie, traveling and many more. Thus, First, choose appropriate credit card and complete the activation task with us within a minimum time. Please follow below steps to activate your account online.  

  1. First, Visit ICICI bank official site here.

  2. Now, please enter your credit card number and complete the login process. If you do not have register then please click on “Register” and complete the registration process. 

  3. After that, Please enter Valid from date and date of birth and other required card details.

  4. After that, Please enter required personal information for security purpose.

  5. Next, Please generate the 6 digit number PIN and use this PIN number for every transaction.

  6. Please enter the OTP number which is sent by bank to your registered mobile number.

  7. Finally, Your card is activated immediately.

It has some chances that you can not activate your ICICI credit card via online due to several problems like internet issue, time-out sessions, server problem. For this, we have one another option that the user can activate their ICICI credit card through a Phone Call. Please follow all the steps which are described below and complete your activation task with us.

Activate ICICI Credit Card by a Phone Call on ICICI Customer Care number 

The user can activate ICICI credit card over a phone call if the user receives their card by post or courier and they have their PIN number. The customer care number is different for all Indian state and for a different country. Thus, please select appropriate customer care number for your appropriate location. It is very easy, secure, quick and simple process to activate your ICICI credit card. Please follow all the steps very carefully.

  1. First, Simply dial the ICICI Customer Service number @ 1800 200 3344.

  2. Then, Listen to the auto prompt voice carefully and chose the credit card option. after that, your call is connected with customer care officer.

  3. Next, please follow all the instructions and provide your card number and PIN number and other required details and complete the verification process.

  4. After Completion of call, your card is activated immediately. 

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ICICI Credit Card Activation Final Tips

After completion of ICICI credit card activation process, Please sign back side of your card to prevent your identity and decrease identity fraud and please access your ICICI card for verification purpose. Please do not share your confidential information with other. If you want to know more about any kind of card activation including store card then please visit our site.

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